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You Want Someone Like You for President? Really?

Dr Sunshine recently heard a man-on-the-street interview. The man on the street was a Trump supporter. He was one of the minions in the category Trump refers to as the "undereducated" (non-Hispanic whites with no college degree). Not all of the undereducated are Trumpsters, of course. Some aren't even undereducated, just unschooled. But this man was definitely a Trumpster.

The man said he supported Trump because Trump is "just like him." Dr Sunshine would like to ask the man how he came to this point of view. Surely the man would not want someone like himself to, say, fly an airplane he was riding on (unless of course he,  himself, is a commerical airline pilot, in which case, fuck him and all other likeminded pilots). Being a commercial airline pilot requires a great many specialized skills and knowlege that take years of study to acquire. A man like him could not have the required expertise. Surely the man knows that the presidency also requires a great deal of knowledge that someone like him would not have.

So, the man cannot be serious about wanting a president who is just like him. Can he? Surely not. Just because he's undereducated doesn't mean he's dumb as a rock. Surely, nobody could be that stupid? Could he?

The answer should be an obvious "yes", but Dr Sunshine is starting to realize that the answer must be a counterintuitive "no". What other explanation could there be for the existence of so many Trumpsters? A crazy person here, a loony there, maybe so. A politician trying to negotiate the vagaries of an election? Could be. But so many Trumpsters? Some of them are dumb as rocks, sure. A lot of them, maybe. The best that can be said of Trump supporters who are not dumb as rocks is that they are inhumane. To call them inhuman might be a bit of a stretch, but inhumane is about the best they could be.

Wait! Dr Sunshine just looked it up. "Inhuman" and "inhumane" mean the same thing. So, we must conclude that, while not all Trumpsters are dumb as rocks, the ones who aren't must be inhuman. Shame on them.

Dr Sunshine

Update, 5 August 2016: J. D. Vance discussesTrump's undereducated with insight and sympathy, but in the end he can redeem neither the Trumpsters nor the Appalachian hillbillies he grew up with. They are violent, vengeful, short-sighted, ignorant, resentful, clannish in the extreme, and racist. Hardly an admirable characteristic in the entire spectrum, unless you count a sort of exaggerated, prideful (in the most negative sense) self-reliance, which only applies to the ones that don't live mostly from whatever government welfare they can glom and what they can con, beg, and pilfer.

Update, 10 Nov 2016: Unfortunately, the undereducated did want someone like them.

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