10 September 2016 - DrSunshine.org

End the divide?

Dr Sunshine would like to point his readers to an 1,800-word article about a more-or-less standard poisoning of a small town in Arkansas by Georgia-Pacific, a company owned by the Koch brothers. Buried toxic chemicals, stench, hydrogen sulfide, cancer fatalities in eleven of fifteen houses on a short street. The usual stuff. Nothing surprising.

There is one surprising item in the story, though. Apparently, the Koch brothers now claim to be concerned about the growing inequality in America and are financing an "End the Divide" campaign, the main product of which, so far, appears to be a slick commercial promoting a "free and open society where all can win". Dr Sunshine presumes the Koch-imagined society will be guided by libertarianism (or, as Dr Sunshine calls it, the law of the jungle), since that's what the brothers learned in the Doctor's home town from their father, a wholly committed John Bircher at a time when, even in Kansas, people thought John Birchers were kooks. Now, of course, they're just ordinary Republicans.

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