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Dr Sunshine is pissed. Really pissed. As a result the writings here can be classified fairly as screeds. Dr Sunshine tries not to waste your time. Occasionally, Dr Sunshine will post something written by one of his friends. These will almost always have a more measured tone. Hardly anyone is as pissed as Dr Sunshine.

The object of most of the anger is the policies, behavior, and general world view of Republicans in the United States. The bottom line is that Republicans are stingy and mean. So stingy and so mean that it is hard to imagine them as part of the human race, unless you think the human race is a brutal, uncivilized, and wholly undeserving species. Republicans weren't always like that, but they have been, increasingly, since about 1980. The ramp-up started with Brown v Board in 1954.

Dr Sunshine takes considerable care to ensure that statements intended as facts actually are facts. Dr Sunshine and his friends don't make things up. Nor are they so selective of their facts that they misrepresent reality. We're talking about the general reality, here, not the occasional abberation. Our goals are to be clear, factual, and representative of reality. Opionated, yes. Misrepresentational, no. Wrong, no.

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